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Paper: Weizen
Size: A6
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Own a piece of Josh Fox's art! Want This striking print, titled "Drawing Daggers," captures the essence of Josh's signature black work flash style.

The image features a classic woman's eyes, gazing out. The twist? Their reflection appears within the polished surface of a dagger's blade. This juxtaposition of beauty and danger creates a powerful statement piece.

Choose your canvas:

  • Fine Art Paper (200gsm): For a classic and crisp, off white presentation.
  • Gmund Bier Weizen (250 gsm): This unique, eco-friendly paper is made with recycled brewer's grain, giving it a subtle textured surface with a hint of warmth – perfect for highlighting the bold lines of the black work style.
  • Parchment Textured Paper (200 gsm): Add a touch of vintage charm with this paper's textured finish, reminiscent of aged scrolls.

About the Artist: @Jfoxtattoo

Josh Fox, Based in Sun and Moon Tattoo Glasgow, is a skilled tattoo artist known for his mastery of black work, traditional, and black linework styles. He creates both stunning flash designs and custom pieces.

Don't miss your chance to meet Josh! He'll be attending upcoming conventions:

  • Dublin: July 5th-6th
  • Belfast: July 9th-10th
  • Orkney: August 20th-24th


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