Spearing Eels (late 1800s) - Winslow Homer - Canvas Print

Size: 14"x10" (35x25cm)
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"Spearing Eels" is a late 19th-century painting by Winslow Homer, an American artist known for his realistic depictions of everyday life. The painting shows a group of men in a small fishing boat, attempting to spear eels using long poles with hooks at the end. The scene is set at night, with the men illuminated by the light of a full moon, creating a dramatic and atmospheric effect. Homer's skillful use of light and shadow adds depth and realism to the painting, immersing the viewer in the scene. "Spearing Eels" is an example of Homer's ability to capture the essence of American life and culture through his art.

Spearing Eels (late 1800s) - Winslow Homer - Canvas Print

  • Premium Quality: Hand stretched over a 38mm pine gallery frame with premium 330gsm cotton canvas.
  • Advanced Finish: Lacquered with satin varnish for UV protection, ensuring vibrant and lasting color.
  • Archival Grade Inks: Printed with archival-grade inks to resist fading, maintaining the artwork's beauty for years.
  • Ready to Hang: Each canvas comes ready to hang right out the box, making installation effortless.
  • Perfect for Any Space: Ideal for homes, offices, or as a gift, our prints add a touch of elegance to any room.

Available Sizes: 14"x10" (35x25cm)


We take pride in creating each canvas to order, please allow 1-2 business days for production and an additional 1-3 days for delivery. We value your patience as we dedicate ourselves to delivering an exceptional art piece that exceeds your expectations.

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